drawing the right lessons

Lessons I learned from Manny Pacquiao and Floyd
Mayweather’s fight.
1. Choose your fights wisely. Manny has been asking for
this fight for 5 years now but Floyd kept turning it down
because he was studying his style. Manny has fought 57
matches in this category and lost or drew 5 of them.
Floyd has fought 48 matches (today’s own inclusive) in
this category and won all. That’s because he chooses his
fights wisely. Life’s lesson: don’t be everywhere doing
everything. Be tactful. Prepare well and give it a go when
you are ready. Don’t hustle, strategize instead. Don’t
beat the air, study to show yourself approved.
2. Do what matters. Floyd threw very few punches but
they were clean punches that hit the right points. Manny
was busy throwing plenty many punches. I watched that
closely. Life’s lesson: Don’t just get busy, get busy
doing what counts. Success in life is not about activities,
it is about doing what is required.
3. Don’t be in a hurry to succeed. When you meet a
tough challenge, be determined to overcome it and
concentrate throughout. Manny is a tough hustler
throwing plenty punches from first round. Floyd, from
time is known to use his first 9 rounds to study his
opponent and the last 3 to finish that opponent. This
was exactly what played out again. Life’s lesson: to
succeed, you need to take your time. There’s no prize for
being the youngest achiever. Professor at 32 years of
age and professor at 67 years of age are both
4. God is not partial. He gives success to the best person
either you are arrogant or not, either you profess Jesus
or not. Floyd is arrogant but he’s an excellent boxer. Pac
is humble, evangelizes from the ring and professes
Jesus countless times but that wasn’t enough to win. It
wasn’t a fight of Jesus against the devil, its just a sport
competition between two humans. Dangote is the richest
man in Africa, he’s not a christian but he’s good at his
business. Life’s lesson: being a christian doesn’t mean
God will circumvent and


Zimbabwe need 231 runs
UAE – 285/7 (50.0 Ovs)
ZIM – 55/0 (10.0 Ovs)
CRR: 5.50
RR : 5.78
Batting R(B) 4s 6s SR
Chakabva* 10 (23) 1 0 43.48
S Raza 40 (37) 6 1 108.11
Bowling O M R W
Naveed 5 0 20 0
Partnership: 55(60)

Does the bond coin signal Zim doller return?

The reserve bank of Zimbabwe plans to roll out bond coins on 18 December to ease change challenges. A number of economic analyists have said the introduction of the bond coins is a first step to bringing the Zim dollars back into the economy. however some critics have argued that country does not yet have enough gold reserves to bring back the local currency. Zimbabwe has been using multiple currencies since 2009.
by tembelani sibanda

Tembelani Sibanda is a freelance journalist from harare

highest paid footballers in the world

Cristiano Ronaldo
£15.0 M £288,000 $20 M
Lionel Messi
£13.41 M £257,000 $20 M
£12.57 M £241,000 $6 M
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
£12.16 M £233,500 $1 M
Radamel Falcao
£11.74 M £225,500
Wayne Rooney
£11.57 M £222,500 $3 M
Sergio Aguero
£11.31 M £217,500 $1 M
Yaya Toure
£10.90 M £209,600
Robin Van Persie
£10.70 M £200,000
Gareth Bale
£9.50 M £182,500 $1 M
Fernando Torres
£8.50 M £175,000 $1 M

Tocky vibes impregnates 13 year old

@zimbabwemail the past has caught up with man-of the-moment
Tocky Vibes (pictured, real name Obey Makamure)
as it emerged that the 21-year-old musician
impregnated a 13-year-old girl three years ago.
He is alleged to be neglecting the love child he sired
with a Marondera based teenager, Linda James (now
aged 16).
Tocky is undoubtedly the new poster boy in town,
enjoying his newly found fortune and fame but
neglecting the fruit of his loins, it has emerged.
The talented chanter acknowledged knowing Linda
but ironically was, however, unperturbed by the
allegations and said it was only a passing phase.
“Jah Man (sic), you can go ahead and publish that I
don’t care about newspapers; people will read it and
only remember it for two days. Ini ndichitoenda
mberi (I will continue to make headlines). I mind my
business,” fumed Tocky who indirectly acknowledged
In an emotionally charged interview with this
publication, Linda said Tocky has been neglecting
his three-year-old child, especially after his newly
found fame.
“He has not been taking care of the child, and my
mother is the one taking care of our child.
“I tried calling him but he is evasive and now he even
blocked me and changed his phone number. I don’t
even know where he is staying now,” lamented Linda
who stays with her mother in Cherima High Density
Suburb in Marondera.
According to Linda, the two met when Tocky was in
rural Rusape and got into a romantic relationship
that culminated into pregnancy, which Tocky owned
up to then.
She said Tocky was then doing menial jobs and
would visit her while she was in Form 1.
After the birth, she claims, Tocky relocated to Harare
and he would constantly keep in touch with her and
check on the child, but that has since stopped.
Linda said she was contemplating instituting legal
proceedings and apply for a maintenance order at
the civil courts.
Tocky has gained mileage in the cut-throat music
industry following a series of hit singles such as
Simudza Maoko, Mhai, Handityi and Ndini Ndinorira,
to name but just a few.
He also stole the show at this year’s edition of the
Lion Lager Festival.

Liverpool vs basel key notes

Liverpool host Basel in a do or die encounter
in their last Champions League group stage
match tonight at Anfield. The Reds have
picked up just 4 points from 5 games but
Brendan Rodgers’ side have their fate in
their own hands building up to this crunch
Basel however need just a draw to qualify
but the Swiss side will know that the Reds
buoyed by their vociferous home support will
come hard at them. As we build up to what
is arguably Liverpool’s season defining
moment, here are the three key talking
points for the Reds .
Brendan Rodgers needs to get his team
selection and game plan correct: There is no
doubt that Liverpool have been way below
their best from last season. There seems
absolutely no creativity in midfield and
neither of the players are willing enough to
lead from the front. The Reds were lucky to
draw against Sunderland at home in the
weekend and had very few shots on goal.
Rodgers though needs to get his selection
correct. One possible formation could be the
diamond with Stevern Gerrard playing on the
top with Sterling and Henderson beside him.
Attacking wise Rickie Lambert is expected to
start and Adam Lallana too should make the
Steven Gerrard to the rescue act- once
again: The Liverpool skipper has been here
and has done it before. Who would forget his
last gasp thunderous striker ten years back
against Olympiacos in the historic 2004-05
Champions League campaign? Liverpool
under the guidance of Rafa Benitez went on
to beat AC Milan in the final at Istanbul and
claim the trophy.
Ten years later, Gerrard faces the same
adversity, he needs to lead from the front.
He is expected to start but what will be key
is his role just in front of the Basel defense.
He no longer has the pace to barge past
defenders but his precision passing could
just make the difference.
Liverpool need to be ruthless: The Reds have
had very little to show for their attacking
creativity but as the game against
Ludogorets showed, despite the lack of
cohesion in defense, they took their chances
barring Sterling late on, who should have
scored after being on one against the
goalkeeper. Basel have a quality defense
and Real Madrid struggled to break them
down in Switzerland. Thus it would be key
for th Reds to make full use of whatever
chances that fall their way

the raw diamonnds

As one walks in the dusty streets of mbare you notice lots of kids playing street soccer the a ball made out of plastic bags while others will be playing cricket with a tennis ball and a slick which would be usually meant for fire wood .as you keep on walking you would notice other youths standing in the street corners chanting Zim dancehall , most of these youths are extremely talented but and as always a but! they lack sponsorship ,adequate facilities ……tbcnd